Studio 14

STUDIO14 | Mietstudio Ingolstadt
STUDIO14 | Mietstudio Ingolstadt
STUDIO14 | Mietstudio Ingolstadt

Studio 14

Rent a film and photo studio in Ingolstadt

Rent a fully equipped film and photo studio in Ingolstadt for your professional product and commercial photography. Let our 600 m² space set an expressive scene for your products of all sizes.


Photo studio Ingolstadt Our high-end photo studio –
your stage

We’re your stage for professional commercial photography in Ingolstadt – whether for an advertisement with scenery construction, product or car photography, or company videos. Our 600 m² photo studio including high-end equipment is available for you to rent for photo shootings of all kinds.

Enjoy perfect working conditions: windowless 9-meter-high walls with black ceilings, an infinity cove in RAL 7001 (or other colors if you prefer) and a large rotating floor platform. And we’ll be happy to organize external service providers for your shooting, too (including models, special effect pros, catering service, etc.).

60qm Solar sail

600qm Studio space

5t Indoor crane

6m Rotating floor platform

Hire studio equipment Special highlight: our state-of-the-art rotating floor platform

Brand new! Our rotating platform for professional 360° photography. Studio 14 offers a modern rotating platform for shooting sales-boosting 360° images of products such as cars and other large objects. So you can get perfect panoramic views of your products for your website, online store or other digital media.

Rent a photo studio with professional equipment unparalleled in Ingolstadt. Our easy-to-control rotating platform has a high load capacity and is easy to access by vehicle. Go above and beyond with your car and product photography – for perfectly staged shots from every angle.

Studio equipment Fully equipped film and photo studio

Fully equipped photo studio for the most demanding photographers and directors. Are you an advertising photographer looking to rent a professional photo studio for a sophisticated project? Are you a marketing executive seeking a film studio where you can produce a video for your company? Studio 14 not only offers the right space – we offer all the right equipment, too.

Our rental photo studio gives you access to a wide range of cutting-edge lighting technology, tripods and fixing technology. There’s also high-speed Wi-Fi and modern loft-like spaces (conference room, kitchen, lounge area). You can find out about our service range here.

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